Storage and transhipment of seed potatoes

We have various options available for the storage and transhipment of potatoes. We have advanced storage areas with mechanical cooling for storing and preserving seed potatoes. The available capacity is 18,000 tons in crates.  


Following protocol

According to the rules of the protocol, we check all potatoes that come in. If necessary, we carry out tests. The potatoes are then placed in crates and each crate is scanned. We have modern, product-friendly machines for loading, unloading and storing the machines.


Delivery of seed potatoes

We supply seed potatoes separately, in crates or in big bags. Every shipment that leaves our site is given a NAK certificate and weighing ticket. All shipping information is also digitally stored and sent via email.


More information

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for the storage and transhipment of seed potatoes? Please contact us on +31 (0)321 331 632 or fill in our contact form.

12,450 football pitches

12,450 football pitches

The amount of seed potatoes that we use in a year is enough to plant 12,450 football pitches.

Video: unloading seed potatoes

Video: loading seed potatoes