The De Kubbe team has first-hand knowledge of the importance of preventing disease and bacteria in seed potatoes. Hygiene is therefore top of the priority list. Only certified seed potatoes are accepted, for example, and the highest possible hygiene standards are applied. Thanks to the expertise in the field of processing seed potatoes, De Kubbe was able to actively collaborate in the establishment of the PCC hygiene protocol.

By washing seed potatoes, the soil is removed, which prevents the spreading of soil-based diseases. Disinfection using ozone kills any bacteria and mould on the outside of the potatoes.

After each batch has been washed and cut, the entire treatment line is cleaned and disinfected. This eliminates any risk of contact contamination and dispersion. Crates are also cleaned after every use, and are fitted with an electronic chip with a unique number. This track and trace system ensures that batch contact can always be traced, with accurate insight into the day and time each batch is processed.