De Kubbe has overĀ 25 years’ experience in the washing, treatment and disinfection of seed potatoes. In terms of volume, this concerns many thousands of tons per year for the Dutch, European and global markets, for seed potato traders and the fries processing industry. Washing the seed potatoes helps prevent the spreading of soil-based diseases, while also ensuring that customers have better insight into what they are buying.

The cleaning process comprises four steps. The potatoes are first pre-washed. Washing them renders any external defects of the seed potatoes, such as scab, rhizoctonia canker or damage, visible. This pre-wash is followed by the main wash, in which water and highly concentrated ozone are used. Disinfection using ozone kills any bacteria and mould on the outside of the potatoes.

Following the main wash, there is the option of a chemical treatment using Monceren pro or maxim, depending on the variety and the customer’s wishes. The entire line is cleaned after each wash. This eliminates any risk of contact contamination and dispersion.

Due to growers increasingly demanding smaller sizes of seed potatoes, a tuber counter has been installed in the washing line this year. This gives insight not only into the weight but also the number of tubers, clearly showing how fine or coarse any particular batch is.

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