Cutting seed potatoes is a very standard procedure by now. It translates into a doubling of the number of tubers in the volume per ton. This is particularly useful in the case of long-growing varieties for the production of fries.

De Kubbe has been cutting seed potatoes for more thanĀ 25 years, and has constantly optimised this procedure over the years, while complying with the most stringent quality and hygiene standards.

The cutting process comprises four steps. To begin with, the crates are tipped and emptied onto the conveyor belt. The vibrators roll the potatoes to the cutter, whose knives are continually disinfected. Directly after cutting, the potatoes are treated with talcum powder. The cut seed potatoes are then returned to the crate. For those customers looking for absolute certainty, there is the option of having the batch pre-washed and treated. After each batch has been cut, the entire cutting line is cleaned and disinfected.

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