De Kubbe has various possibilities for the storage and warehousing of seed potatoes. The advanced storage barns are fitted with a mechanical cooling system but can also be air-conditioned if necessary. The total available crate storage space is 13,000 tons. … Continued

Cutting seed potatoes is a very standard procedure by now. It translates into a doubling of the number of tubers in the volume per ton. This is particularly useful in the case of long-growing varieties for the production of fries. … Continued

De Kubbe has overĀ 25 years’ experience in the washing, treatment and disinfection of seed potatoes. In terms of volume, this concerns many thousands of tons per year for the Dutch, European and global markets, for seed potato traders and the … Continued

De Kubbe has had a weighbridge since 1994. Nowadays, the weighbridge has a maximum capacity of 70 tons, and is 3 metres wide and 18 metres long. The total weight on the weighbridge can be rounded off per 20 kilos. … Continued